Beer is good.

Glass of Beer

Beer is good.

Not that long ago, all beer was local.  We're not trying to do something new, we're trying to do something right.


Humans have been brewing beer for 6,000 years - it's in our DNA. Take some grain, some hops, some water, a little primitive chemistry, and you can make something simultaneously grounding and transcendent, personal and social.  At the core, what is civilization if not people talking to each other over a beer?

Bright Ideas is about creating beers that are the quintessence of a style - 100 mph fastballs right down the middle of the plate.  We're about accessible, affable, quaffable brews that inspire conversation, creativity, and community.  Come for a visit, enjoy a pint or two, have a chat, and get right. 


Orion Howard

Oncologist by day, beer guru by night, Orion lives for the hop. Raised in Northern California, Orion has been a lifelong craft beer enthusiaist and is pretty thrilled to have his own brewery. He's a big fan of monster IPAs, Imperial Stouts, geocaching, classic rock, and driving fast.

Eric Kerns

A Los Angeles-born publican, Eric knows that beer can build community. After two decades in arts marketing and development, he's now shaping the  Bright Ideas vibe and partnering on TOURISTS, a new North Adams hotel. He thinks a lot about old hifi gear, art and design, and human micro-pleasures.

Danny Sump
Head Brewer

Danny moved to North Adams from Virginia in 2018 to join Bright Ideas as Head Brewer. His 6+ years of experience include brewer positions at Wicked Weed in Asheville, NC  and Green Flash in Virginia. His hobbies include smoking meats, hanging with his coonhound Fred, and checking dates on IPA packaging.